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In this wiki, we will add definitions of chemistry terms in Khmer Language. Please add new words and definitions of it.
In order to add new word click New Page at the left side.
If you cannot type Khmer please click to Khmer Unicode Setup link and watch the videos.


1. When adding words, please start with capital letter. For example instead of copper write Copper.
2. Use unicode fonts when you were adding your words. Please read Khmer Unicode Setup link if you have any problem.
3. Do not make simple edits to increase your edit counts. For example
  • Changing text style or color.
  • Adding couple of letters to trick the system.
  • Adding lots of compounds name. If you are adding compounds, you MUST write detailed information.
4. Use discussion to talk about dictionary but not for chit-chat.
5. Respect and collaborate

Have fun!

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